Hello Fashionistas!

I am Anny, a lover of fashion, just like you! I love to dress up, look good, accessorize, turn-up and stand out. You are at the right place. It’s a pleasure meeting you.

Fashion is a vessel of self-expression, however you choose to dress, speaks volume about your person.  

Over the years, I have always had complements from friends and family about my fashion style and attention to details. Recently, this has inspired me to start a fashion blog, in other to share my fashion and style know-how with you.

 I am a development expert, feminist, women’s rights advocate and a fashion blogger. I am interested in anything that will uplift us as women and make us shine bright. In my opinion fashion and style are going to go a long way in doing that.

I believe every girl is a lover of fashion, style, good clothes and accessories.  We all love to dress up, look good and turn up.

 Unfortunately some of us don’t usually get it right, we may have all the good and trendy items but put them wrongly together.  

However, Fashion 4 Passion is here to provide you with tips and ideas on how to put all your fashion items together in other to get your desired results.

Passion 4 Fashion’s main areas of focus are fashion, beauty and life style.


Anny Egalite