Natural Black Hair Curly
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How to Make Natural Black Hair Curly: 5 Simple Steps

Natural Black Hair Curly

More and more people are becoming interested in natural hair because of the enticing fashion of curly hair. When you know how to make your natural black hair curly, you get a completely new look and a wide range of styling options. Here we’ll walk you through the easy 5-step process so you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

5 Steps Curling Naturally A Black Hair

Using these five easy steps, you’ll have perfectly curly hair every time.

  1. In order to section your hair, you should first wash and condition it.
  2. Separate your hair into sections, then moisturize and secure it.
  3. Apply the proper hair products in accordance with your chosen approach.
  4. Prepare your hair for the dryer.
  5. Fashion it however you like.

Following these five simple steps will help you get ready for, make, and maintain your new wave of hair. Before beginning the process of transformation, it is important to learn about the various approaches available and determine which one best fits your requirements.

Don’t rush into things without first making sure your method works with your hair type. You can twist and keep your curls in good condition with these tips.

How to Make Natural Black Hair Curly

Before you start the process, consider your hair texture and its characteristics. Different hair types demand unique attention when applying heat or other hair products. For example, when going for curly hair, follow this step-by-step process. 

1. Wash and Condition Your Hair

Thoroughly cleanse your hair with shampoo. The next time you need your hair softened and your health maintained, try a deep conditioning treatment. Damage occurs during the final stages of the transformation or when combing through dry hair.

In order to detangle the hair and improve its smoothness after deep conditioning, you should comb it from the middle of the shaft to the ends. Leave-in conditioners are used by some people as a detangling aid.

To avoid breakage and damage during curling, you should research the ingredients of the product you plan to use and make sure it will meet your needs.

Detangle your hair first, then move on to the next section.

When hair is softened, subsequent steps, such as twisting or braiding, are less of a chore because you won’t have to deal with tangles caused by tough, split ends.

Experts suggest beginning with sectioning the hair.

A counterargument to the benefits of curling cream and air drying is that damp hair doesn’t hold its style as long and takes longer to dry.

However, regular shampooing is necessary for maintaining clean, soft, and strong hair.

2. Section and Moisturize Your Hair

The next step after washing is to section, moisturize, and loc the hair. Separating your hair into sections facilitates using curling tools on your entire head. How you’ll size and part your hair for curling depends on the method you choose.

The ideal section size for sealing in the curling cream and moisturizer is between.5 and 1.2 inches.

To avoid hair drying out, use products containing moisturizing agents.

After sectioning your hair, loc each piece to keep it in place while you apply the curling product.

Natural products that seal in moisture can help curls last as long as possible without damaging the hair.

3. Use an Appropriate Hair Product

In this step, you’ll decide how you want the curls to come out by selecting a curling technique. To achieve stylish curls, use products designed for that purpose.

Gather anything you might need for this stage, including gels, setting foam, rollers, and Flexi rods.

Hand and finger dexterity are crucial to accomplishing any task.

Finger Coil

To achieve these coils, you’ll use your fingers to wind your hair tightly like a spring. To begin, take small sections of your hair and apply curling cream to them. Then, to imitate a spring, twist these segments with your finger. Let it dry after you’ve covered your entire head this way.

Flexi Rods

To prepare your hair for twisting, apply a leave-in conditioner or setting foam to small sections. To create curls with Flexi rods, you simply wrap your hair around the rod and let it dry naturally.

Leave the hair in the Flexi rods to dry, then twist the rods to secure the hair. Then, if you simply cannot wait for it to dry naturally, you can investigate alternative drying methods. Incredibly big, bouncy curls can be achieved with flexi rods in a variety of ways.

The use of straw sets can achieve a similar effect with smaller curls at a lower cost. If you don’t have these supplies on hand, get creative and find a suitable substitute.

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Gel/Curl Enhancing Cream

Curl your hair with a cream that works well with your hair type. It’s important to remember that curly hair is the desired effect and to apply the cream primarily to the middle and ends of your hair.

If you normally apply a lot of cream to your hair’s roots, try using less. Apply this cream with a wide-toothed comb to prevent detangling, which can result in subpar curls.

Bantu knots

Curling your hair with a Bantu knot style doesn’t require any additional products. You should instead twist your hair in sections while wrapping each section around itself like a screw. When you get to the bottom, tuck the end under and secure it with a pin.

For this technique to work with short hair, you should divide it into even smaller sections that can be wrapped and tucked separately. When it comes to working with a variety of diameters, long hair is more versatile.

Applying the gel to your hair before twisting or braiding it is an alternative to doing Bantu knots. After it’s dry, untie the knots to reveal gorgeous curls.


To achieve the same Natural Black Hair Curly effect as Flexi rods with rollers, simply apply setting foam to your hair and twist your hair securely onto the rollers.

4. Allow the Hair to Dry

Drying the hair is the next step. After a few hours or overnight of air drying, you can untangle the curls. Use heat as a plastic wrap under a hooded dryer for about 10 minutes to hasten the process.

It may take more than 10 minutes on the hooded dryer to get through hair that is thicker and more voluminous. Before putting your hair in a hooded dryer, you should always give it a final, personalized twist.

5. Style Your Hair

The curls must be exposed after drying. Before you start styling, carefully undo any twists, braids, Bantu knots, rollers, or Flexi rods you may have used. Unravel your hair by beginning at the root and working outward with a comb that has medium teeth.

By using this method, you can give your hair the structure and shape of curls.

To achieve a glossy, beautiful look, use oil or styling gel when you style. Find the right hair oils that will keep your hair hydrated and in place for a few days (or more, depending on your routine) to a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Black Hair Curly


How can you make your natural hair curly?

Making your Natural Black Hair curly can be done in a variety of ways, and most of them don’t even require you to leave the house. If you want to curl your hair, you can use a curling cream, a braiding or twisting form, rollers, or Flexi rods.

Are there any limitations to your hair products when curling your natural hair?

Take special care at each stage of curling your hair to use the appropriate comb for the task. If you don’t use the right comb, you can ruin your curls and shorten their life. In order to keep your hair healthy and shiny, use products that contain moisturizing ingredients. Use curling creams that are formulated for your hair type and texture.

How do you take care of your hair after making it curly?

Use a wide-toothed comb to style your curly hair and a microfiber towel to keep the hair’s natural moisture in between washes. If you want to keep your curls intact after washing your hair, just pat them dry. Think carefully about what you put into your curly hair. Curls lose their radiance and beauty when you use products that cause them to dry out.

How to keep your natural hair curly after it dries?

To care for your naturally curly hair, you must use specific shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Utilize a moisturizer and styling oil to seal in moisture and ensure your style lasts as long as possible.

So, How Do You Make Natural Hair Curly?

You can achieve curly hair with your natural texture by following these five simple steps. When wearing braids, twists, or Bantu knots, the part in your hair may be less pronounced.

Significantly larger sections can be used with alternative methods, such as using a cream or roller. To bring out the best in your naturally curly hair, you should always consult a stylist. Joy to curling!

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