Curly Underneath But Straight on Top

Why Is My Hair Curly Underneath But Straight on Top?

Curly Underneath But Straight on Top

How come the lower part of my hair is curly while the upper part is straight? Individuals with a wide range of hair textures often face questions about their origin. It can be affected by both genetics and care for the hair.

Why Is My Hair Curly Underneath But Straight on Top?

Genetics, hair damage, and the relative length of the various layers can all contribute to the possibility of your hair being curly on the underside but straight on top. Many people, including those with curly hair, have a layer of straight or mildly wavy hair atop their curls.

Since each of the two types of hair requires special attention, it can be a pain to deal with. Also, having both straight and curly hair on your head makes it difficult to achieve distinctive looks for either texture.

If your hair is a weird combination of curly and straight, you probably want to know how to make the top layer curly.

Reasons Why Your Hair Is Straight on Top

It’s possible that the cause of your straight top and curly bottom isn’t damage at all, but rather something else entirely. Several factors can cause your hair to be curly at the base and straight at the crown.

  • Genetics: Some people get their hair curly while others get it straight from their parents. Actually, this is a fairly common issue in the world today.
  • Weather: Dry, hot weather has the effect of smoothing out the hair. The sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays will have a greater impact on the outermost layer.
  • Weight: Because of the extra weight of the hair, the curls in coarse or heavy hair tend to flatten out on top.
  • Length: Hair may be straightened if the top layer is longer than the rest.
  • Styling: Curly hair can be severely harmed by the use of heat tools. If you use heat styling tools too often, the top layer may become damaged and lose its curl.
  • Product Use: Hair can be weighed down by the use of heavy styling products like gel and mousse. Putting on weight has a cosmetic effect of straightening hair.
  • Color: Both bleaching and dying can be harmful to hair. Damaged hair may not curl properly.

How to maintain your hair’s natural curl at the surface is the topic of this article. It also lists the things you should never do or use.

How to Encourage a Curly Top Layer of Hair

Using these techniques, you can avoid having your hair’s surface layer fall flat.

Take a Break From Damaging Treatments

Preventing further damage to your top layer of hair is crucial if you want it to retain its natural curl pattern. Stop using these products and treatments on your hair. Each of these factors can contribute to a straightening effect:

  • Bleaching: Overprocessed bleached hair is dry and brittle, which discourages curls.
  • Dyeing: Damage to the hair’s cuticle layer, which causes curls, can be exacerbated by frequent dyeing.
  • Blow-Drying: As often as possible, let your hair dry naturally. If you must blow-dry it, a diffuser is the way to go.
  • Heat Styling: Don’t use curling irons or other heated appliances daily. You should curl your top layer with softer rollers.

Deep Condition

The roots are often neglected, as many people don’t bother to use a root conditioner. The deep conditioner is often blamed for making curls look limp. Actually, hydrating the hair’s surface may be as simple as giving it a good deep condition at the roots.

Curls are less likely to form on hair that is dry or damaged. When used once or twice weekly, a deep conditioning treatment can repair damage. Just wait 15 minutes with the conditioner on, and then wash it out completely.

Use a Pick Instead of a Brush

You should use a pick on your curly hair instead of a brush. You can get great root lift and ringlets with a pick. A pick is superior to a brush when it comes to adding volume.

The pick also has less of a tendency to flatten and smooth your curls.

Utilize the pick to comb your hair upward from the roots. If you want the best results, do it while your hair is wet.

Use a Diffuser on Your Blow Dryer

Protect your curls from being “blown out” by using the diffuser that came with your hair dryer. A separate diffuser is also available for purchase. In order to mitigate the damaging effects of a blow dryer’s high temperatures, a diffuser is used. If you can stand it, let your curls air dry.

Cut the Straight Layer Shorter

For a curlier top, cut it shorter than the rest of your hair. In this method, longer hair is used to straighten out curls because the weight of the hair naturally pulls the curls out.

Use the Right Products

Specifically formulated products for curly hair should be used. You can get a flatter top layer if you use products designed for straight hair. Avoid using anything that will leave a dull and shiny finish.

Products That Encourage a Curly Top Layer

In order to achieve a curly top, the aforementioned advice is invaluable. If you want your hair to curl more easily, try these products.

Root Lifter

A root lifter can be used to fortify the roots and promote growth, leading to fuller hair. For best results, use this item on hair that is fine and curly. There are substances and conditioners in root lifters that make hair stand up straight. Not all root-lifting products are created equal; some use polymers, while others rely on cornstarch.

Curl Stimulators

Lightweight ingredients like aloe vera are used in curl enhancers and stimulators to condition the hair. Upon drying, curl enhancers aid in the definition of curls. You can usually find them in a gel consistency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curly Underneath But Straight on Top

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Five frequently asked questions about bottom-curly, top-straight hair are answered below.

Why is my hair Curly Underneath But Straight on Top?

Incorrect product use, damage to the hair, or hereditary factors can all contribute to this issue. A natural wave can be difficult to achieve if your hair is naturally straight on top.

What are the genetics of curly hair?

Having naturally curly hair is the result of a dominant gene. It’s more likely that a child born to a parent with straight hair and a parent with curly hair will also have curly hair. Still, your hair’s texture may vary depending on where you look at it.

Why is only the underside of my hair curly underneath?

Damage to the hair is a major contributor to this textural difference. Flaws appear after being subjected to heat, weighty items, dyes, or bleaches. More wavy or curly hair could be the result of a change in lifestyle in which harmful habits are abandoned in favor of those that promote hair health.

How can I get the top of my hair to curl like the bottom?

Cutting the top layer of your hair just a tad shorter than the bottom can help you achieve a natural curl. Instead of a brush, you can use a pick. Now that you know about them, you can try out root lifters and curl definers, among other specialty products.

Why are my curls flat on top?

Unfortunately, you probably harmed your hair. Stay away from harsh treatments like dyeing and blow drying. You should apply a deep conditioner all the way down to the roots.

Verdict: Why Is My Hair Curly Underneath But Straight on Top?

The most probable causes of hair that is curly underneath but straight on top are hair damage and genetics. Hair that varies in texture is quite common. If you want your hair to curl at the top, try blow-drying it with a diffuser, using a pick instead of a brush, and discontinuing any damaging treatments you may be using. The best of luck with your look!

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