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  • What to Wear at Christmas Party
  • What to Wear at a Wedding Party
  • What to Wear at Engagement Party
  • What to Wear at Bachelorette Party
  • What to Wear at the Baby Shower Party

1. What to Wear at Christmas Party

Christmas is celebrated in almost every part of the world. Many people get time off from work and spend Christmas with their families and friends. It is often celebrated on December 25, which is winter, and often times most of the northern countries are covered in snow. During this period, people always worry about what to wear at Christmas party and especially on Christmas, it is advisable to wear Christmas colors (traditionally red, green, or white).

What to Wear?

A classic red dress will do the trick, a red stylish sweater combined with a red pair of jeans or skirt is good too. The famous Christmas hat adds up a flare to your dressing and sets in the Christmas mood. Merry Christmas!

2. What to Wear at a Wedding Party

Wedding Dress
What to Wear at a Wedding Party

We all want to have a fairy tale wedding, wear that fairy tale princess dress, a veil, an umbrella, long white gloves, gorgeous long hair all wrapped up with pearls, flawless makeup, a well-decorated carriage, and handsome prince charming waiting at the altar to say I do. The Cinderella fantasy…hahaha! With that in mind, one would notice that every bride always wants to have the best wedding with memories that will linger forever. So the question of what to wear at a wedding party is at the forefront of our minds.

For the wedding day proper; you need a wedding gown, white or cream white undies, white mid-heel shoes, and a set of silver jewelry with diamond stones, pearls, good and simple makeup, and a smile to crown it all.
You need an after-party dress; in most cases it is customized to portray your figure in the color of your choice, bearing in mind your wedding theme color.
If you are the bride, at the after wedding party, dress to kill because you’ve got just one of such days for the rest of your life.

If you are a wedding guest, make sure you appear in a way that your friend will be proud to have a friend like you. Dress to kill, slay like never before. Remember that every wedding guest lady/girl should as a rule of thumb wear a ballroom dress…. Oh! Yes! You got me, honey!  If it’s a wedding invitation, girl! Get you a ballroom dress, well fitted and well-styled. The same way the bride strives to look her best on her day, in my opinion, as a guest; you owe her a responsibility to represent! Also, a great looking hair compliments what you wear on that special day. Don’t mess it up

3. What to Wear at Engagement Party

It is but normal that every girl at their engagement party will want to look their best. At this party, the guy always asks the girl if she will like to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him, in the presence of friends and family. In some cases, it is a surprise party and in others, the girl knows beforehand that she is going to have an engagement party. Either way, always try to look your best when stepping out, so that you will not be caught up in surprise. Nobody thinks about what to wear at the engagement party, so truly there’s no special way to dress for an engagement party.

4. What to Wear at Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are often organized by friends of the bride-to-be, for the bride. There’s always a theme, dressing style, color, and a plan on what to do on the day. It is often a small party just with close  friends and family of the bride to be; the girls take her to a club, in a Limo ride, pop Champaign and have fun one last time before she says I do.

What to wear? In this category, the dressing style is often a themed and agreed dressing style color.

5. What to Wear at the Baby Shower Party

Baby Shower
What to wear at Baby Shower

Baby showers have been trendy in recent years. It is a pre-push party organized by friends and family of the mum to-be. It has been a common tradition for the organizers to pick a theme, color, and games for the event. What to wear at these parties usually involves different color combinations; pink, peach and purple for girls while on the one hand, Blue, black, silver, gray and gold for boys. If in any case, the mum-to-be decides not to reveal the sex of the baby, the colors are often mixed up.

However most baby shower parties have a theme and the organizers often insist on the invitations, for invitees to respect the color code. So it is your duty to dress as per the color code. Often times, it is good to respect the color code.

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