10 Timeless Project 333 Fashion Items for Better Looks

Timeless Project 333 Items
Timeless Project 333 Fashion Items

10 Timeless Project 333 Fashion Items to Light up your Look

1. Watches (Minimalist Project 333)

Apart from being one of the most important devices to human beings, for keeping track with time, watches can also be used as accessories, in other to add flare and glam to an outfit. Generally they come in gold and silver, but nowadays, they come in leather, plastic and vinyl.

Also, watches come in different shapes and sizes: the oval shapes, square, tiny and big face watch. In some cases, they come attached on to bracelets. Whatever metal, size or shape you choose to wear, just remember that watches have been here from time immemorial and they are not going anywhere.   My most favorite of them all, is the big face gold watch, in my opinion, it gives me that extra class needed in my ensemble.

2. Scarf for Project 333

Scarves are every girl’s best friend, especially when you leave in countries, where the seasons change and they are cold. In spring time you need a lighter scarf, in summer time a lighter one as well, and a thicker one for winter. No matter the length or thickness, they are portable and classy. Also the tiny scarves are wrapped in classic satchels, tiny bags and normal bags.

3. Pendant for Project 333

A pendant is a loose hanging piece of jewelry, which often hangs on a necklace. Generally pendants come attached to necklaces and vice versa. They can be customized with printed names or symbols. Such names or symbols may represent a loved one or deceased loved one. Often times, newlyweds, engaged or married couples have their names inscribed on a pendant and hang it on their necklaces or on wrist bands and watches. However way you choose to wear your pendant, they remain timeless and are going to be here for a very long time. They come in gold, diamond, sliver and precious stones.

4. Necklace for Project 333

A necklace is an ornamental chain or string worn around the neck. They come in gold, silver and other precious metals. Every classic girl should have a necklace. They are timeless; they have been around thousands of years gone.  They light up a look, especially when they are made from the original metal itself. Adding a pendant to a necklace gives it life, especially if the pendant is made of precious stones. For instance, a silver necklace with a diamond pendant will add flare and radiance an ensemble and an entire look.

5. Earrings for Project 333

Earrings seem to have been here for a very long time. It is no news that the Ancient Greeks wore earrings, pendants and necklaces made out decorative raw materials such as: gold, silver, bronze and lead, in other to show case their wealth and power. In recent times, although wearing expensive jewelries doesn’t really show how much wealth some has, it show how classy and tasteful their fashion sense is. In recent fashion style, earrings have become an accompaniment to necklaces, pendants and bracelets; they are often sold as a complete set with same material and inscription.  They come in all sizes and shapes, which ever ones you choose to wear, wear them judiciously.

6. Bracelets for Project 333

Bracelets are a piece of metal wore around the wrist, they come in gold, silver, lead, bronze, bamboo, leather, sea shells, chains and many other decorative materials. They are accessories to dressing. Though in some parts of the world, they are used as spiritual symbols, in other parts, they are a beauty item which is used to brighten up or add flare and vibrancy to ones look. As an exception, permit me add here that, my motor ‘Less is better’ apply to everything, I have noticed that so many people wear too many bracelets on one hand and this can ruin your entire look.

A good example will be someone who wears two big metal bangles, a watch and two tiny bracelets on one hand. Girl! How do you manage to carry all those metals in one hand? Choose one and make it simple.

7. Brioche for Project 333

A brooch is a piece of metal, made of decorative materials such as gold, silver, lead, bronze and flowers. It is often worn over the bust on the left or right. It can also be used as a center piece around the bust area especially if the dress worn is a ‘V’ neck dress and the person wearing it is busty. They are usually made by designers and in limited quantity; they are perfect and classy accessory to have, as they are timeless and have been around for a very long time.

If you can’t afford and expensive designer brooch, you can make yours with fake flowers of any colors of your choice. You just need to do a DIY brooch and there you go!

8. Head-wear for Project 333

Forages, women all over the world have been wearing head-wear for ages. Common head-wear are; hats, berets, fascinators, pillbox, panama, cowboy, cocktail, hijab, fisherman/bucket and, bowler and visor. It is no news that in recent times, hats have been so present in women’s fashion especially in the suit up fashion trend. Berets are good caps for the cold seasons, and they also stylish.

Every girl should be a fascinator, fascinators are an English traditional head wear, and they are very stylish and can take a simple look to a Royal and Posh look. Cowboy caps though worn by horse riders, has became fashionable in recent times, as people like to have the country look.

9. Purses for Project 333

Every lady needs a purse. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials. We often need purses for coins, keys, cards and receipts. Some purses add up as accessories to a bag or satchel.

10. Make-up Bag for Project 333

It no news that nowadays, many ladies have became interested in make-up, looking good and slaying, reason why most ladies now carry along a makeup bag, packed full of makeup items. This trend is going to be here for a very long time. They come in designs and can be customized to suit your taste.

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