Fulani Braids Side Part

73 Amazing Fulani Braids Side Part 2022 That Will Blow Your Mind

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The legendary actress Bo Derek is the one who made Fulani braids side part popular in reality. If you’re not sure who that is, then certainly you know who Alicia Keys is. She’s a big fan of this hairstyle, too. If you are looking for a style that for a couple of months you can hold in your hair, then this is the style for you. They are stunning, incredible and refreshing designs that can be pulled off by anyone. Check out these 73 Sexy Fulani Braids that will blow your mind if you’re looking for a fresh new look:

Fulani Braids Side Part
Fulani Braids Side Part

Fulani Braids Side Part

  1. Golden Locks

Wherever you go, a sexy style like this is sure to turn heads. The gold color really makes the presence pop.

Fulani Braids Side Part

2. Bold Designs

How do you not love an awesome style like this one? Such styles are distinctive and inventive.

Fulani Braids Side Part

3. Braided Bun

A simple style that begins with braids from Fulani but transforms into a bigger braided bun.

Fulani Braids Side Part

4. Bold Styles

This style is a little more relaxed and plain. Everywhere, you could easily wear this theme.

Fulani Braids Side Part

5. Gorgeous Styles

Alicia Keys, with some jewels, is rocking the Fulani look. It’s a sexy and cool look you’re sure to love.

Fulani Braids Side Part

6. Sexy Looks

How do you not want a sexy look like this one to try out? It’s a stunning look that this year you can try out.

Fulani Braids Side Part

7. Braided Designs

A style like this is stunning and special. We love the golden hairstyle accessories that are in it.

Fulani Braids Side Part

8. Cool Styles

It is clear that a theme like this one would brighten your day. We love how down the middle of the head there’s a braid.

Fulani Braids Side Part

9. Goddess Styles

When you rock this style out at your next gathering, you will feel like a goddess. In every possible way, it’s beautiful.

Fulani Braids Side Part

10. Larger Braids

This sexy look is absolutely rocked out by Kim Kardashian. The braids are bigger and they’re more casually cut.

fulani braids side part

11. Thin Braids

With thin braids and gold rings, this lengthy look is stunning.

Fulani Braids Side Part

12. Cool Looks

These are two very distinct looks that show off the elegance of the Fulani braid.

Fulani Braids Side Part

13. Celebrity Fulani Braids Side Part

For someone who wants to rock out those braided styles, this style is a great look. In this photo, Kim Kardashian is wearing longer and thinner braids.

Fulani Braids Side Part

14. Popular Styles

When it comes to Kim Kardashian, this style is obviously popular. She is rocking in the picture with a shorter look. The Fulani style braid really suits her well.

Fulani Braids Side Part

15. Blonde Looks

The picture on the right is the iconic actress Bo Derek, who, to begin with, is the girl that made the style famous. There’s also a girl on the left, imitating the same look Derek got.

16. Cool Vibes

Copy a theme from Bo Derek, the legend herself. She popularized the style, and it is definitely one that you can replicate these days.

17. Goddess Looks

With a theme such as this one, you will truly feel like royalty. You might totally pull this look off perfectly if you have a formal event coming up. This is the sort of style anywhere you go that is sure to turn heads.

18. Red Braids

It can really make them pop by adding a little color to your braids. So can the lovely jewelry that’s all about this style.

19. Bold Styles

Another beautiful look you’re going to love for sure.

20. Different Styles

That’s the same style of braiding, but she styled it in two different ways. This just shows you that with Fulani braids, there is a lot you can do.

21. Side Styles

The braids styled off to the side have a beautiful look like this. It’s a cool look that you’re going to love for sure.

22. Bold Braids

A lovely look like this is sure to impress everybody. You’ll be able to dress it up or keep it casual.

23. Blonde Styles

It’s same look, but it’s styled in two different ways once again. We admire the fact that they’re also multi-coloured.

24. Bold Accessories

With this theme, there are a lot of distinct accessories and we love the fact that the look really stands out because of them.

fulani braids

25. Simple Style

Such a simple style is relaxed, but it is still a beautiful style.

26. Big Braids

With this style, there are a few different styles of braids, but it’s clearly a formal look that you absolutely should try out.

27. Bold Designs

Just a few Fulani braids complement the afro style.

28. Gorgeous Looks

If for your next event you’re looking for a formal style, then you are sure to appreciate this style.

29. Caramel Style

Braided types are available in many different lengths. It’s a brief look that’s sweet because of the hue.

30. Casual Style

This style is relaxed and straightforward. This look can be worn on the beach or on a backyard BBQ.

31. Cool Buns

On top of the theme, this gorgeous bun has a fairly remarkable bun.

32. Long Braids

There are very long braids for a great style like this that can be worn casually or formally.

33. Gorgeous Looks

For a modern, fresh look, a great style like this is all you need.

fulani braids

34. Cool Looks

Another relaxed and brief look that is suitable for the summer.

35. Cool Vibes

This is a cool and very special look. It’s such a great look with the buns and braids together.

36. Glamorous Style

A beautiful blend of dark and light colors in the look.

37. Small Braids

That’s another long style with some little braids.

fulani braids

38. Pink Braids

All you need sometimes is a splash of color to transform your look. It’s a beautiful color that makes the summer months enjoyable.

39. Bold Lengths

There is a lot of hair here, due to extensions, which is more probable. If you want a great style, then go for a long time, like this girl did.

40. Beautiful Looks

Such a gorgeous theme is absolutely amazing. We love how she pulls it back out of her face.

41. Stunning Looks

This is a magnificent look that you can wear anywhere. It’s easy and yet it could also be used for a formal case.

42. Goddess Images

A lovely theme that seems to belong to a goddess. If you copy the theme, you can feel like that as well.

43. Bold Buns

Another impressive bun style from the Fulani braids.

44. Stunning and Long

A look that’s taken away from her lips, and it rolls down her back for a long time.

45. Small Bun

This style is sweet with a tiny bun. This is a look you cannot help but love.

46. Standard Styles

A pop of purple makes this look really stand out. With the addition of color in the braids, it’s simple yet still edgy.

47. Tiny Braids

To build any type of design that you like, you can use your Fulani braids. This one is imaginative and special indeed.

48. Simple and Elegant

This is another straightforward style, but it’s no less elegant than the rest.

49. Stunning Ponytail

With Fulani braids, a stunning style that is pulled back into a ponytail. We love how she left a few braids loose in front of her.

50. Purple Styles

Everything you need to get an amazing style is a great style like this.

51. Blonde Bombshell

The coloring of this blonde is very striking. In a special way, the style is built and the blonde really makes the whole look pop.

52. Pretty Styles

A magnificent look like this is pretty. The braids are long and she’s got a couple of accessories with her.

53. Bold Ponytail

Such a style is gorgeous and lengthy. In this gorgeous ponytail, the braids really stand out.

54. Stunning Accessories

This style focuses more on the golden accessories than on the braids. Such golden elements make the look really stand out. We love the fact that with braids you can have short hair as well.

55. Blue Braids

Speak about a look that stands out honestly. These braids are in a lot of blue shades and look amazing. If you’re just looking for bold braids that pop, then this is the look for you.

56. Red Styles

With this theme, red looks very good. If you really want to try different colors, then you need to give the red one a try.

57. Summer Styles

You can get this look and leave it for the entire summer. It’s a perfect look that will be great because you don’t have to think about wet, tangled hair because of the pool or the beach. If it’s done, it’s a manageable style that needs no extra styling.

58. Gold Accessories

A basic style that features fantastic braids and gold accessories.

59. Creative Looks

Another imaginative look that’s easy and very casual.

60. Amber Styles

A wonderful type of ombre braid that has an amber color at the bottom. The color really portrays the whole appearance.

61. Sweet Styles

A stunning look that’s sweet and plain. The accessories establish an eye-catching look once more.

62. Bold and Braided

A fantastic braided look with box braids running down the back of her head. Crowning the front of her profile are the Fulani braids.

63. Beautiful and Golden

A beautiful style that has both gold ribbon and golden jewels in the braid. This is a perfect look for this year to wear to a formal event.

64. Cool New Looks

Even your kids will benefit from a great style like this. For a few months, you can keep the braids in order to make the summer months very easy. For a while, you won’t have to think about styling your hair.

65. Gorgeous Curls

A brilliant look that’s got some lovely curls already. The braids of the Fulani are only in the front and complement the style very well. It’s another look that will make you feel like a goddess, for sure. There is so much in this theme that we love.

66. Sweeping Style

A beautiful look that’s styled off to the side. The braids are small and amazing. You sure want this theme to rock all summer long. It’s an eye-catching look that turns heads for sure.

67. Bold Looks

A simple look that is possible to wear anywhere. Really, the bright yellow accessories make the whole look pop. In your hair, you can put some kind of accessories that can add some appeal to the look. Only by adding accessories, you can take everything from a regular look to a stunning look.

68. Unique Looks

A stunning style of high ponytail that every girl would love. With this theme, you are sure to be the cool girl at any party in the summer.

69. Cool Scalp Design

A great scalp style has this cool braided look. There’s a lot that the scalp can do for you. There are several different styles you can develop.

70. Big and Bold

A cool look that’s got big braids turning into little braids. No matter where you go, it’s a look you’re sure to love.

71. Stylish Braids

A great style that will make every girl happy for sure. It’s a long braided look that, in a striking way, really stands out.

72. Cool and Crazy

We have another wonderful braided pattern here that Kim Kardashian is rocking. The theme is brief and it looks great on her. She is certainly one girl who can easily pull off this style.

73. Cool and Stylish

We love this cute style that makes this little girl look incredible. For girls, these styles are perfect because you don’t have to think about styling them all the time.


74. Simple Buns

Simple and relaxed is a perfect look like this. You may wear it to the beach or to a formal event. For this type, the sky is the limit.

75. Cultural Looks

A style like this is trendy and chic. You may be searching for something cultural that you can wear to an event. At your next case, a great style like this is all you need to make an impact. Because of how it is pulled up high, it is gorgeous. The shoes are eye-catching as well.

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