Vaseline butt

Can Vaseline help to increase the hips and the butt?

Can Vaseline help to increase the hips and the butt?
Vaseline help to increase the hips and the butt?

Many people have different opinions on whether or not applying Vaseline to your butt will increase their size. When it comes to its usefulness, opinions are split. What’s the deal, then? Can I use Vaseline to increase my butt size?

The dismal truth is “no.”

Although many people believe that applying Vaseline to their buttocks will make them bigger, this is not supported by any empirical research.

This article discusses the reasons why Vaseline won’t help you achieve bigger buttocks, as well as some alternatives. Find out what happens next by reading on.

Does Vaseline Make Your Butt Bigger?

The answer is no.
Vaseline is wonderful for soothing dry skin, but it won’t do anything to increase your gluteal size. This is because it does not promote growth of either fat cells or muscle mass—the two most important factors in achieving larger buttocks.
Also, know that excessive Vaseline use on the buttocks can lead to skin irritation, rashes, and blocked pores. Vaseline can also trap bacteria in cuts and scrapes on the butt, increasing the risk of infection.

So, if you want bigger buttocks, you shouldn’t try Vaseline. We’re going to look at some of the better methods out there for getting a bigger butt.

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How Can You Make Your Butt Bigger?

Use butt-enhancing creams

To increase the size of your buttocks, try a butt enhancing cream. They aid in butt fat gain due to ingredients like steroids, amino acids, and retinol.

I would recommend talking to a doctor or clinical expert about which butt enhancement cream would be best for you if you are unsure.

Take butt-enhancing supplements

It is the purpose of butt-enhancing supplements to make the male reproductive organ appear larger and more prominent.

Vitamins, amino acids, and hydroxymethyl butyrate are the best butt-enhancing supplements out there (HMB). If you want bigger buttocks, then these muscle-building supplements are just what you need.

Get a butt massage

Massaging the buttocks is a common and reliable method for enhancing butt size. Using your hands or a gluteal massager, you massage the area around your buttocks.

There are a number of variables that affect how effective a butt massage is, including the type of massage technique used and how often it is performed. If you do this twice a day, you should see an improvement in just two months.

Wear corrective underwear

This underwear is designed specifically to aid in the development of a fuller, more ample butt. For this purpose, it molds to the shape of your buttocks, giving you a secure and comfy fit.

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Switch up your diet

If you eat properly, you can certainly grow larger buttocks. Some healthy food options are listed below.

Dehydrated fruit

Compared to their fresh counterparts, dried fruits like raisins and dates are higher in calories. Regular consumption of these fruits has been linked to an increase in buttock fat.

Foods made from milk and other lactic-acid-containing animals

Cottage cheese and other forms of dairy are excellent sources of protein, which is needed for muscle growth and repair. Dairy products should be a mainstay in anyone’s diet who wants to bulk up their posterior.


Nuts are high in calories despite their relatively small size. Eating nuts on a regular basis, even just a handful at a time, can quickly add up to a significant number of calories, which can lead to a larger butt.


Consuming high-protein meats like pork, beef, and chicken can aid in developing stronger gluteal muscles. Plus, they contain plenty of fattening fatty acids that can be put to good use expanding your derriere.


Eggs are a great food for those looking to gain muscle and weight because they contain all 9 essential amino acids. Thus, if you want a bigger butt, you should start eating more eggs.

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Some exercises can help you achieve your goal of having larger buttocks. It is crucial to find an exercise routine that suits your needs and does not result in discomfort.

How to increase buttock size with exercises

The buttocks and thighs are effectively worked by performing squats (front of the thighs). Once a week, perform a set of squats at a weight that allows you to complete at least 10 reps.

The equivalent of donkey kicks

This is an excellent exercise for strengthening your hip flexors and enhancing your bottom’s definition. Aim for one set of 10 reps, three times per week.

Lunges Lunges are a great full-body exercise that target your glutes, thighs, and hamstrings, among other muscle groups. To get started, wrap a resistance band around your thighs and do regular lunges.

If regular lunges are too easy for you, reverse lunges may be just what the doctor ordered. Follow a routine of two sets of ten repetitions three times a week.

Movements involving thrusting the hips

By strengthening and toning your buttocks, you can make them appear larger. All of your back muscles will benefit from this exercise (your lower body). Perform a single 10-rep set twice a week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vaseline butt

Can Vaseline make skin glow?

You bet it can.
With its light-reflecting properties, Vaseline gives the appearance of flawless, even skin. In addition to protecting the skin from the elements, it can also help to keep the skin supple and hydrated.

What causes a flat butt?

A flat butt is typically caused by a person’s genetic makeup.
Your risk of inheriting a flat butt increases if either set of your parents or grandparents had one.

Posture may also play a role. Flattening your butt will result from slouching your shoulders and not standing up straight. Last but not least, a flatter butt is the result of weaker, less toned butt muscles due to a lack of regular butt exercises.

What does HMB do?

To put it simply, hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) is a chemical that aids in the process of muscle mass development. And because it boosts stamina and endurance, you can work out for longer without feeling fatigued.

Can you wear corrective underwear during exercise?

Yes, you can.

Material used to create corrective underwear is engineered to tighten and stretch as you work out. Due to its breathability, this underwear won’t make you sweat or rub while you work up a sweat.

Do squats make your butt bigger?

Yes, they do.

Do you want a bigger butt? Squats are a great exercise to add to your routine. When done correctly, squats can help build up the muscles in your butt and make them appear larger.

If you’re looking for even more of a boost, try adding weight to your squats by holding dumbbells or a barbell while you perform the exercise. Just be sure to use proper form to avoid injury.


Vaseline is not one of those methods, though there are many others.

You can try butt-enlarging creams or supplements if you want to achieve that goal. Exercising, donning supportive underwear, increasing protein and calorie intake, and butt massaging are all viable options.

The best way to determine which one will serve your purposes is to try out various approaches and see which ones produce the desired outcomes for you.

Your attention is appreciated.

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