How to Dress Your Tummy When You have a Caesar Scar or Have Lost Lots of Weight

Clothing that drapes over the stomach rather than clinging to it will help hide a protruding midsection, and foundation pieces will help restore your figure.

Great Foundations

  1. Invest in a high-quality bra that provides a noticeable lift.
  2. Make sure you’re getting the right amount of support by having it fitted by a professional who has access to a wide variety of brands and sizes (some bra fitters will give you the best they have, which is not necessarily the right fit for you as they may not have the right size for you)
  3. Figure out what kind of shapewear best flatters your figure, be it a tank top or a pair of pants.
  4. Shapewear should be purchased in a size that provides adequate support and enhancement while still being comfortable and not binding.
Tummy Hiding Styles

Tummy Hiding Styles

  1. Flared tops that don’t hug your stomach.
  2. Cardigans and coats with longer lengths
  3. Flowing-fabric tunics
  4. Slender pants and tights
  5. Distractingly dense and chaotic patterns.
  6. Colors that catch the eye and direct it upward, away from the stomach.
  7. Shaded Column to make your torso seem longer and flattering
  8. Cloth and design that hides your stomach

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