How to get instant glow and fairness on face

how to get instant glow and fairness on face

It is no longer a job to get naturally glowing skin. Here are some quick tips to help you accomplish the natural glow in minutes.

how to get instant glow and fairness on face

There are days when you are too exhausted or depressed and on your face it begins to appear. But what if, after a few minutes, you just have to run to a party? Makeup items might support you a bit, but it might feel like a tough job to get the natural glow in a jiffy. It is not, however. Here are a few fast tips that will help you in a jiffy to get a naturally glowing face.

Rose Water Does The Magic

how to get instant glow and fairness on face

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Within minutes, rose water gives you a naturally toned and radiant skin. All you have to do is spray your face with some rose water and hold it for 2-3 minutes and then clean it with a cool, wet cotton ball. This removes all the dust from your skin and immediately gives you a new pink glow.

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Honey And Olive Oil Brighten The Skin

Honey is known to brighten up your skin and give your face a fresh, natural glow. Grab a spoon of natural honey and apply a few drops of olive oil to the mixture. Apply for a few minutes all over the face and massage well. With a wet cotton clean off.

Use Tomato For The Natural Shine 

how to get instant glow and fairness on face

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For their natural bleaching properties, tomatoes are renowned. They immediately lighten your face. Just cut the tomato into two halves and start rubbing your whole face with half of it. Leave it for 10 minutes and wash it off for a natural sparkling skin with cold water.

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Use Lemon And Honey For Instant Radiance 

how to get instant glow and fairness on face

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Lemon and honey give your skin an instant glow. Take a spoonful of lemon juice and a spoonful of honey. To form a paste, combine the two ingredients. For 15-20 minutes, apply it on, and then wash your face off with cold water.

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