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10 Best DIY Trendy Hairstyles for Women in 2023

In recent times, hair stylists have created many different and versatile trendy hair styles that are both beautiful and easy to wear. Also, women have been so creative with their hair at home, and with the help of the internet and modern hair machines, women have come up with millions of DIY, i.e., “do it yourself,” hair styles. All this has changed the way women style and present their hair in a very positive way. Below are the 10 best DIY trendy hairstyles for women, which in my opinion is a must have for every lady/girl.

10 Best DIY Trendy Hairstyles for Women

1. Beach Waves or Wavy Curls DIY Trendy Hairstyles

DIY Trendy Hairstyles wavy curls
Trendy Hair Style

Usually this hair style is worn on long hair and in loose curls. This hair style is suitable for outdoor parties, casual events; such as birthdays, baby showers, engagement parties and more. This style goes well with open back dresses, body-con dresses and topless dresses and blouses, as it falls and flows on the shoulder and chest area. It is a sexy and girly hair style.  NB. Pic from Afro hairstyle face book page.

2. Short Bob DIY Trendy Hairstyles

DIY Trendy Hairstyles Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland – Short Bob

It is an Asian inspired hair style, but in recent times women all over the world have embraced it and are enjoying it. This is a timeless and classy hair do, it has been around for ages and it is still relevant today. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Short bobs consist of; blunt bobs, short bobs with bangs, high-low bobs, free wave short bobs and more. The good thing about this hair style is that, it is suitable for women of all ages, be it a youth, middle aged or an old woman. It can also be worn with just anything and for any occasion be it casual or formal.  

3. Half-up half-down DIY Trendy Hairstyles

In this hair style category, half part of the hair is styled up while the other part is styled down. Usually the front part of the hair is styled up, either in one bun or two separate buns. This hair style is suitable for school, casual activities and parties. Young girls love this style as it is often easy to style. It is mostly a DIY, do it yourself style and it doesn’t take much time to do.

4. Cornrows Trendy Hair Style

DIY Trendy Hairstyles

Cornrows are an all time classic, for ages women of all ages, race, status and culture have been wearing cornrows. It is a very casual look which can also be incorporated in to a formal look.  It is a protective hair style. It is best worn in warmer weather, preferably in summer time or dry season.  It goes well with a flowy summer maxi dress, shorts and jumpsuits.  Trust me you will always get complements with it, as it brings out your natural shine.

5. Box Braids Trendy Hair Style

It is an all time favorite for women who love to go an extra mile in hair styling. This hair style is usually done with extra synthetic hair attachments added to the hair and braided in a long or short length.  It is a very beautiful hair style and can be worn with either casual or formal style. It can be style in many different ways. It’s best worn with flowy maxi dresses, jumpsuits, Bermuda shorts, jeans and more.

6. Pony Tail Hair Styles

It is usually a DIY {DO IT YOURSELF) hair style.  It has a goddess/queenly feel to it, I am always like a queen or goddess, when I do this hair style, I get lots of complements from family and friends. It is so simple to do. All you need is hair gel, a mirror, comb, hair brush, hair moisturizer and some extensions.  It often has a sleek and shiny finish with a pony tail. It can be worn in casual and formal functions. It is a party favorite as it adds some shine and glam to the face and brings out all your facial features in a natural and beautiful way.

7. Short Hair cut

Currently, short hair styles are in trend. The trendiest styles of short hair are the colored ones. However you wish to color it will also depend on your age, class, and status and hair texture. I have noticed that older women go for a blond or grayish white color while younger and middle aged women go for wild colors, such as green, blue, pink, and yellow. All I can say is, it is a trend and people seem to love it. I can be worn with either formal or casual functitions. Preferably, for office or serious functions, the milder colors should be worn.

8. Half sleek, half kinky Curly Hair Styles

This style is often done in such a way that, the front C part of the head is laid down with gel until it is smooth and then a few or more wefts of kinky curly hair attachments are attached at the back of the head. The attachments can either be long or short. This is a very beautiful hair style which can be worn either casual or formal. In recent times, this style has been a favorite for many celebrities and they often wore it with long ball room gowns. You may want to try this hair style in your next outing.

9. Up-Do Trendy Hair Styles

In this category, there are many different up-do hair styles that can be worn in any occasion. Normally they take about 30-40 minutes to do.  Up –Dos fall under the DIY category, they are so easy to do by yourself, if you have all the necessary items. Still in this category, you have the Mohawks, kinky up-dos, sleek straight up-dos, natural hair up-dos and more. They can be worn in every occasion, be it formal or casual. They are mostly loved by young and middle aged women.

10. Natural Hair Styles

Natural hair style a category filled with varied hair styles, mostly DIYs often easy to do. Natural hair has a cotton-like texture, that’s what makes it unique and easy to produce many different hair styles. It can be combed and worn without any styling or it can be styled in cornrows, box braids, pony tails, up-dos and many other DIY hair styles.

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