Hide a Protruding Stomach
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How do you Hide a Protruding Stomach? 10 Easy Ways to Flatter a Rounded Tummy

When you have a round stomach, it’s right in the front where everyone can see it. Is there anything you can do to make it less noticeable? How do you Hide a Protruding Stomach?

Hide a Protruding Stomach

10 Easy Ways to Flatter a Protruding Stomach

  1. The natural placement of a pant or skirt’s waistband is just above the belly button. If it’s too high, your stomach will protrude, and if it’s too low, you’ll end up with a muffin top.
  2. If you want to avoid the extra fabric through the thighs that comes with wearing larger sizes of skirts and pants, but still want to avoid the “pregnant tummy” look, you should try on pants and skirts in the maternity section.
  3. To make your waistline less prominent, try layering a dark top (to make a column of color) under a light jacket or cardigan.
  4. We don’t want cling, so be on the lookout for fabrics that are low in elastane and lycra.
  5. Ruching and draping in the right places on your clothing can do wonders for hiding a potbelly.
  6. Instead of a straight hem, a curved one that dips in the front can help you look taller and thinner in the stomach area.

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  1. Try folding your tops to different spots in the mirror until you find the sweet spot, which is just below (and I mean just below) the widest part of your tummy. Thicker midsections are emphasized by tummy-cinching tops.
  2. You can avoid tracking of your personal data by wearing a jacket. What’s happening beneath can’t be seen thanks to their extra bit of framework. It’s the magic of the third puzzle piece! Layer a dark top under a light coat.
  3. Eyestrain can be caused by dense, non-repetitive patterns of busyness. It’s best to search for patterns of low to medium contrast and a size between small and medium.
  4. Don’t forget to keep your midsection simple and uninteresting by avoiding unnecessary embellishments like pockets, belts, seams, and multiple layers of contrasting tops. Utilize scarves and jewelry to draw focus to your face; remember, distraction and illusion are key!

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