Hide Your Belly and Side Fat
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10 Advice To Help You Hide Your Belly and Side Fat

Many women are self-conscious about their bellies, but men find that attractive. MailOnline conducted an experiment showing that men prefer women with smaller bellies. They appreciate its inherent attractiveness more than those who have six-pack abs.

Even if you don’t care what men think and you’re determined to hide your belly anyway, you should try to do so in a tasteful manner so as not to accentuate its size. Here is 10 Advice To Help You Hide Your Belly and Side Fat.

Hide Your Belly and Side Fat

Anny Egalite has compiled a list of suggestions to help you cover up your love handles and muffin top. In order to improve your appearance, it is important to avoid making these common clothing selection mistakes. To find out about the additional suggestion, read the article to its conclusion.

1. Opt for looser rather than tighter clothes.

Dressing in solid colors is most practical. You can still wear pastels if you want to even though dark colors give the illusion of fitness. Beige, cream, pistachio, and pale pink are acceptable color choices. However, the fit of the garments is of paramount importance.

Wearing clothes that are too snug will only accentuate your flaws. Layers are great, but be careful not to draw attention to your hips and waist. You need only use pieces of the same hue in your ensemble.

2. Keep an eye out for items of clothing that have vertical stripes.

Wearing vertical elements such as ornaments, patterns, or stripes will make you appear taller and more toned. However, the frequency and width of the stripes should also be taken into account. Wearing clothes with wide stripes can make you look larger, so opt instead for those with narrower, more frequent stripes.

If you think a striped dress is too much, try on solid-colored dresses or cardigans instead. Both black and white and white and blue are wonderful color combinations.

3. Bring attention to a different part of your body.

Instead of drawing focus to your stomach, show off your breasts. Black dresses, classic pants, blouses, and pencil skirts are some examples of simple, interesting clothing that doesn’t reveal too much skin.

Those who are blessed with attractive legs should focus on showing them off. Dresses and skirts should be at or just above the knee, or you can wear leggings underneath.

4. Go for skirts and dresses that fall just past the knee, or even the floor.

Dresses with a straight silhouette are an option. Flowers with a large, showy bloom like the one pictured here are ideal.

This is a dress that accentuates all the wrong places. You can’t just drape it away and hope no one notices.

A trapezoid-shaped dress that isn’t too tight in any one area is perfect for hiding a pregnant belly. Dresses with a high waist are another viable option. This way, you’re not limited to boring black dresses and can experiment with other colors and styles.

5. Dress in shirts and blouses of a single color.

You can spice up your work wardrobe with one-color blouses and shirts, and with the right patterns, you can even wear them on the weekend for some fun.

6. Put on T-shirts, tunics, and other loose tops.

Here is 10 Advice To Help You Hide Your Belly and Side Fat

Having fun with Here is 10 Advice To Help You Hide Your Belly and Side Fat

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If you don’t want to expose your belly, a loose top is a good option. Wearing clothes that are several sizes too big is an extreme example. This is a common blunder that adds unnecessary bulk to the body.

Finish off the look with an open jacket.

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7. Pant leg opening

The transition from waist to hips will be sleek with a high rise. It will be impossible to see the sides.

Pants can be the anchor of an outfit, whether they are classic black or a simple dark pair made of thick fabric.

8. Leave the low-rise jeans at home.

High-rise, straight-leg jeans are ideal. However, you should exercise extreme caution when selecting a belt; a belt with a particularly large buckle will ruin your outfit by drawing unwanted attention to your stomach. That’s definitely not what you want, though.

9. Wear skirts.

Another trick is to wear a thick-fabric pencil skirt with a dark color and heels to draw the eye downward and away from problem areas.

You can ditch the pencil skirt and opt for a skirt with a little more volume. When opting for something like this, you can get a vivid hue. This skirt has to have a high rise, of course.

10. Wear cardigans.

Everyone can benefit from owning a cardigan. It pairs well with a wide variety of bottoms, including pants, jeans, skirts, and dresses. It’s going to make that vertical line that’s going to make you look supermodel straight.

Cardigans made of knitted fabric should be buttoned only halfway up, at the lowest point of the wearer’s belly. Large pocketed cardigans are not a good choice because they give the illusion of extra weight.

11. Special compressive underclothes

Going out may necessitate the use of compressive underwear designed to disguise physical imperfections. This innovative underwear will help you appear more toned. Oprah WinfreyKim KardashianEmily BluntTyra BanksLea MicheleAnne HathawayLena DunhamAdele and a lot of other celebrities also love this.

An excellent illustration of the effect that compression undergarments have on the body. Its lovely curves are all that can be seen. Such briefs are perfect for those once-in-a-lifetime events. Hope this 10 Advice To Help You Hide Your Belly and Side Fat was helpful.





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