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What is Your Vertical Line? How long is it?

What is Your Vertical line?

In proportion to your width, your vertical line represents your height. Put another way, it’s not so much your actual height as your perception of height that matters.

The same number of inches between two people does not always translate to the same visual difference in height. (Remember, we’re talking about them separately here, not in comparison to one another). You can fool people into thinking you’re taller than you are by elongating your vertical dimension. Also, if your vertical line is short, people will perceive you as being shorter than you actually are.

See it in action down here! Take a look at each picture by itself. On the left, Angelina Jolie appears to have good height. A rough estimate would put her at a height above average. On the other hand, Katy Perry’s appearance leads us to believe that she is of average height or slightly under. Both women are very close in height, though. However, Angelina appears taller than Katy and the latter appears shorter than average.

So, what accounts for this distinction? Whereas Angelina’s vertical line is quite long, Katy’s is quite short. You’ll look taller than you are if your head is relatively small in proportion to the rest of your body. If your shoulders are broad, this will be even more apparent. It’s an optical illusion, but a smaller head makes you look taller.

For the opposite effect, having a large head in relation to the rest of your body and/or very narrow shoulders will make you look shorter than you actually are. Here, the visual compression of the body occurs from the top down.

How long is your vertical line?

Perspective can alter the appearance of straight lines. Taking a picture of a person from below and pointing the camera up will make them look taller in the final product. And vice versa, if you take a picture of someone from up high, they’ll appear shorter in the frame.

When someone else looks at you, the same rule applies. If they are taller than you, they will be looking down at you from an elevated vantage point.

Because of this, photographing your body is essential. Don’t try to judge your own vertical line by looking in the mirror. Neither you nor anyone else will have a good vantage point. Consequently, you shouldn’t go around trying to have people guess your vertical.

Taking a photo of yourself at chest level is the best way to see your natural vertical line. Next, evaluate whether or not your head is disproportionately large.

Source: The Concept Wardrobe

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